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Thanks for dropping by: Welcome to the online home of Sisters Sippin Tea Literary Group - Tulsa Chapter.



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Our Statement

The Tulsa chapter of the SST Literary Group is committed to providing an   opportunity for African American women from all walks of life to come   together for a common and primary goal…….reading and promoting   literacy through our community service outreach programs. We are able to   fellowship, network, support and embrace each other.

Our Ladies

SST incorporates a pool of talented fabulous women within our group!!!!   Wives, Mothers, Entrepreneurs, Poetry Divas, Motivational Facilitators,   Ministers, Peacemakers, Counselors, Cooks, Event Organizers,   Fundraiser's, Philanthropists, Writers, Editors and on and on. The   atmosphere that we strive to foster helps us to realize more about   ourselves as we go on.


Sisters Sippin’ Tea Literary Group & Hachette Book Group USA – September Book Giveaways:
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